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Learning Italian

This page will be the main entry point and reference for information, advice and resources to learn Italian.
It is a work in progess, we plan to grow it slowly but continuously, as much as possible,
so if you are interested in learning Italian bookmark it and visit it from time to time.
We will be be happy to receive questions, criticism, suggestions.

Note that beside the info in this page there is also a forum dedicated to the Italian language.
Don't be shy. Post on the forum.  Anything and everything. No question is simple-minded or bad.
The only stupid question or comment are the ones one does not ask.

Learning Italian and learning foreign languages in general

Learning a language is mostly subconscious learning that requires a lot of work over a long period of time.
Whoever or whatever promises quick and easy learning should not be taken seriously.
It is anyway true that choosing a good approach can provide considerable benefits, and that sometimes
language learning is believed to be even harder and time consuming than it really is.
With this caveats in mind it might be useful to look at alternative approaches and  ideas about language learning,
they might provide some good hint or idea. When listening to revolutionary ideas or claims also remember what
an intelligent man wrote, more or less he went:
"you will hear one of these gurus or successful people saying that all you need to do is to listen to
your guts. That might be true if you got their guts. Chances are, you haven't"

Italian Language Schools

Outside Italy


Other resources for learning Italian